Call for Applications

Workshop on Improving health care operations through modelling and simulation supported by a British Council Newton Fund grant.

July 28th-30th 2017, University of Bath, UK

We are organizing a 3-day workshop focusing on “Improving healthcare operations through modeling and simulation” at the University of Bath, UK. The workshop takes place between 28-30th July 2017 immediately before the ORAHS conference organized at the same location.

The workshop aims to bring together early career researchers from Turkey and the UK with an interest in the application of systems modelling and simulation techniques to health care problems. Our vision is to provide these researchers with an academic rigorous but friendly environment in which to present their work, enhance their network and initiate new research projects.

The workshop will consist of brief seminars and masterclasses. We also intend to create a sandpit environment for smaller problem solving teams to form and start working on developing initial modelling approaches and prototype solutions.

The workshop will conclude with a presentation of the outcomes of each team in plenary setting and an agreed outline of possible ways forward in terms of further development of the modelling solutions and identification of appropriate sources of funding.

There is no registration fee and the organizers will also cover on campus accommodation and subsistence. A limited number of participants, who have completed their PhD in 2007 or later, will receive support for their travel expenses. To apply for a place please send a brief accompanying letter (no more than 200 words) and your CV to one of the organizers no later than 15st March 2017. Each application will be evaluated by a panel of senior academics and successful applicants will be notified by end of April 2017.