Ongoing Projects

Our current project on the effects of time preferences n the decisions on adherence to therapy is supported by a TUBITAK 1001 Grant (221M581)

This project aims to develop new insights on factors affecting adherence to chronic disease therapy, namely time preferences, by conducting theoretical research via modeling and field research via survey. Furthermore, the results will be applied to formulate a diet planning model and develop an appropriate diet plan based on time preferences.

WP1: Markov decision processes: Existence of optimal policy monotonicity in exponential and quasi-hyperbolic discounting parameters:

We are investigating the effects of the magnitude of discounting the future (discounting factor), (2) procrastination behavior (time inconsistency), (3) self-awareness of this procrastination behavior (being sophisticated or naive) on an MDP for the adherence behavior of patients.

WP2: A Field study to investigate the relationship between time preferences and the adherence to therapy for patients with Diabetes

We have implemented surveys with more than 300 patients with Diabetes in Istanbul. The results will be coming soon!

WP3: A simulation model for personalized diet planning that  considers the time preferences of people

This model will be constructed in the second phase of the project.