Our current research at HealthOR Lab focuses on the following projects that focus on delivery of chronic care, supported by funding from AXA Research Fund:

Effects of the operational environment on physician decision making

We investigate how non-clinical operational factors affect clinical decisions of health professionals using patient visit data from a rheumatology outpatient clinic in Europe. We focus particularly on the decision to follow-up or discharge a patient and re-attendance of discharged patients. (Zehra Önen, Tolga Tezcan, Raj Sengupta, Evrim Güneş)

Medical decision making for diabetes care

We aim to develop mathematical models to gain insights on the best timing of therapy change and follow-up appointments. (Zehra Önen, Erkam Minsin, Hakan Kılıç, Evrim Güneş)

Understanding and predicting patient engagement

We collected data on patient activation measure and health behaviours as well as primary care access measures from a sample of patients with diabetes and/or hypertension in Turkey. We aim to understand the interdependencies between these factors. (Sibel Sakarya, Emrah Doğan, Şeyma Görçin, Ercan Kulak, Serap Çifçili, Mehmet Akman, Lerzan Ormeci, Evrim Güneş).

Appointment systems with Strategic Walk-ins

We analyse a clinic which allocates part of its capacity to walk-in patients, who are strategic decision makers (Feray Tunçalp, Lerzan Örmeci, Evrim Güneş).

Managing primary care practices under CPC+

CPC+ is a new payment scheme in the US, offered to primary care practices to better manage chronic patients. We investigate the effect of this scheme on operations of a primary care practice. (Lerzan Ormeci, Hessam Bavafa, Ali Mete Özbek, Evrim Güneş).

Disaster response planning for chronic dialysis patients

We collaborate with the Turkish nephrologists to develop models to deliver service to chronic dialysis patients after a disaster. (Burcu Balçık, Cem Deniz Bozkır, Serhan Tuğlular, Evrim Güneş)

Managing care for complex patients

We use patient engagement and health needs to define patient complexity and model optimal service level decisions using MDP framework (Our Demiray, Odysseas Kanavetas, Lerzan Örmeci, Christos Vasilakis, Evrim Güneş).